Going on hiatus in 2020

Keanchan.com will be going on hiatus in 2020, as I’ll be focusing more on:

  • improving my technical competencies and learning new skills.
  • working on new trading strategies and augmenting my framework on macro and global markets.
  • my wedding and a new phase in life.

But it’s not the end. I’ll be back in 2021 to post more of my thoughts and experiences and hopefully add value to your reading.

The new decade will be very interesting. We’re looking at a world where the past four decades of globalisation, disinflation and deregulation are possibly coming to an end. This will bring about a new set of challenges, but plenty of opportunities as well.

Personally, I’m very excited. Till then, stay safe in markets and in life.

Thank you for reading. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and a wonderful new decade!

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