About Kean

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Born and based in Singapore, Kean is fascinated with financial markets and global macro investing since a teenager.

At keanchan.com, he records his thoughts on the world and archives his experience of mistakes and lessons and hopes that they are useful for viewers from all around the world.

He is obsessed with learning widely across various fields, and has a keen interest for history, psychology and philosophy as well as the sciences.

He enjoys jogging and savouring fine tea, and wishes he has more time for golf. While proficient with English, Mandarin and German, he is trying his best to improve his Cantonese and hopes to pick up French someday.

Kean was a Toastmaster with ACB accreditation, and is a charter holder of the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association (CAIA).

He is contactable via chanyckean@gmail.com, or at his LinkedIn. His Twitter handle is: @keanferdy