Li Ka-Shing’s 4 Points for Success!

Hong Kong’s Li Ka-Shing isĀ a rags-to-riches story, a self made multi-billionaire extraordinaire, a towering icon in the global business scene as well as a legendary philanthropist. His rise to prominence over the decades is an inspiration to many young entrepreneurs or investors like myself and as such, I decided to read up about his life … More Li Ka-Shing’s 4 Points for Success!

The “Decade of the Central Banks”

Throughout the history of financial markets, various colourful and interesting personalities are known to dominate various time periods, appearing as ‘wizards’ or narrative icons of dominatingĀ market trends in those times. Think about the 1980s for a moment. Both Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher were sworn into office in the United States and in Great Britain … More The “Decade of the Central Banks”