Weekly Observations: Central Bankers as Gamemasters

An excerpt from a week's journal: 20 August 2018: Observations & Thoughts Today was generally a risk-on environment, with Chinese equity indexes leading the way in Asia Pacific (Japan and South Korea lagged). Indian equities continued to climb higher. The Yuan has also somewhat stabilised and has strengthened against the USD since last week. Chinese … Continue reading Weekly Observations: Central Bankers as Gamemasters

The “Decade of the Central Banks”

Throughout the history of financial markets, various colourful and interesting personalities are known to dominate various time periods, appearing as 'wizards' or narrative icons of dominating market trends in those times. Think about the 1980s for a moment. Both Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher were sworn into office in the United States and in Great Britain … Continue reading The “Decade of the Central Banks”

Apple’s days of glory may be over

Recent news about Berkshire Hathaway's disclosure of a stake in the world-renowned tech behemoth Apple have sparked the attention of both Wall Street and Main Street; probably because everyone was trying (or considering) to 'bottom pick' Apple's shares after a -18% decline in its share price since mid-April this year. While everyone may be familiar with the … Continue reading Apple’s days of glory may be over