Anthony Bolton’s Insights On Investing

Anthony Bolton is one of Britain's most well-known investors. He has managed money professionally for close to 3 decades at asset management firm Fidelity Investments. And during those many years at the helm of the Fidelity Special Situations Fund, he has achieved an average annualised return of 20%! Bolton shared his wealth of experience in … Continue reading Anthony Bolton’s Insights On Investing

Review of ‘Long & Short: Confessions of a Portfolio Manager’

Investor Lawrence Creatura recently published a book where he shared his insights¬†from more than 2-decades worth of valuable experience. The author titled his book:¬†'Long & Short: Confessions of a Portfolio Manager'. Reading such books allows one to shorten the learning curve by learning from the experience of others, so I decided to give the book … Continue reading Review of ‘Long & Short: Confessions of a Portfolio Manager’

Dead Companies Walking – A Review

There aren't many investment books out there that offer thoughts about shorting stocks, since shorting is generally viewed as taboo (which is a misguided connotation since there's a great amount of empirical evidence to suggest that enabling short activity allows capital markets to be more efficient). Thus, there is a great deal of value to … Continue reading Dead Companies Walking – A Review