3rd Quarter 2017 Review: Time for Kaizen!

The Japanese have a term to describe the effort of continuous improvement for the better: 改善 (pronounced ‘Kai-zen’) That’s what exactly what I need to do. Ever since I decided that I wanted to be a successful macro investor, I’ve embarked on my never-ending journey, climbed mountains and went through valleys, sought out the sages, … More 3rd Quarter 2017 Review: Time for Kaizen!

Homer’s Odyssey: a Lesson for Investors!

While I was serving my term of mandatory military service in the Singapore Armed Forces, I read a piece of classical Western literature that was breathtaking in its scope and entirety. ‘The Odyssey’ from the Greek poet Homer captivated my imagination of a world of brave warriors, spectacular battles, treacherous seas, and perilous journeys across … More Homer’s Odyssey: a Lesson for Investors!

Playing China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’!

The Ancient Silk Road was known to be the stuff of legends, inspiring many of our ancestors back in those days enthralled by adventure and mystery. The famous Venetian merchant Marco Polo recorded his journey across Asia through this ancient travel and trade route, which for centuries, have allowed merchants, traders, travellers, missionaries and diplomats … More Playing China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’!