Anthony Bolton’s Insights On Investing

Anthony Bolton is one of Britain's most well-known investors. He has managed money professionally for close to 3 decades at asset management firm Fidelity Investments. And during those many years at the helm of the Fidelity Special Situations Fund, he has achieved an average annualised return of 20%! Bolton shared his wealth of experience in … Continue reading Anthony Bolton’s Insights On Investing

Review of ‘Global Macro Trading’ from Greg Gliner

With praises from┬ámarket commentator┬áMarc Faber, Byron Wien and Anthony Scaramucci, I had to snap up a copy for my own study and reference given the lack of books on global macro investing. I have to say that this┬áparticular one from money manager Greg Gliner is a neat, prescient and useful guide on the art of … Continue reading Review of ‘Global Macro Trading’ from Greg Gliner