Playing Brexit: Long Euro & short Sterling

The Brits are officially leaving the European Union (EU), following the invoking of Article 50 and British envoy Tim Barrow handling a letter to the EU Council on the 29th of March 2017. An informative book on the subject is explored by Roger Bootle of Capital Economics, and I've found it to be highly instrumental … Continue reading Playing Brexit: Long Euro & short Sterling

Anthony Bolton’s Insights On Investing

Anthony Bolton is one of Britain's most well-known investors. He has managed money professionally for close to 3 decades at asset management firm Fidelity Investments. And during those many years at the helm of the Fidelity Special Situations Fund, he has achieved an average annualised return of 20%! Bolton shared his wealth of experience in … Continue reading Anthony Bolton’s Insights On Investing

The End of Pax Americana?

In the Mediterranean in May 1954, warships of the Royal Navy gave a 21-gun salute to Britain's new monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, who was on-board the private vessel, the Royal Yacht Britannia, returning from a global tour of Britain's realm. The ceremony was glorious, and was a demonstration of naval power reminiscent of the origins … Continue reading The End of Pax Americana?

My thoughts on Brexit – and its implications

While a ton has been said on the United Kingdom's European Union (EU) referendum results since the 23rd of June, I will explain 2 major implications that I personally feel could lead to several, long-lasting effects across the world as we know it, as well as some implications that they could have on the investment … Continue reading My thoughts on Brexit – and its implications