Review of ‘Global Macro Trading’ from Greg Gliner

With praises from market commentator Marc Faber, Byron Wien and Anthony Scaramucci, I had to snap up a copy for my own study and reference given the lack of books on global macro investing. I have to say that this particular one from money manager Greg Gliner is a neat, prescient and useful guide on the art of … Continue reading Review of ‘Global Macro Trading’ from Greg Gliner

Neuberger’s Principles for Successful Investing!

In his autobiography: "So Far, So Good", veteran investor Roy Neuberger, founder of well-known investment firm Neuberger Berman recalled the events of his life and shared insights on business as well as investing. Neuberger reminiscences the days of his youth, from his wanderlust in France to his love for fine art, which led him to develop his lifelong … Continue reading Neuberger’s Principles for Successful Investing!