Interesting Articles


The Rising Speed of Technological Adoption – Jeff Desjardins, VisualCapitalist (Feb 2018)

Reading Between the Lines – Winton (Jan 2018)

Jim Simons, The Numbers King – D.T. Max, The New Yorker (Dec 2017)

Controlling machine-learning algorithms and their biases – McKinsey (Nov 2017)

Well You Did Ask… – Highly Evolved Vol (Nov 2017)

Lazard Research on Smart Beta – AllAboutAlpha (Nov 2017)

The Value of Self-Awareness – Jim Ware, CFA Enterprising Investor

The Importance of Having Struggle in our Daily Lives – Beau Albrecht (Sep 2017)

Russell Napier, ASIP: 21 Lessons from History – Ron Rimkus, CFA Enterprising Investor (Aug 2017)

Situational Awareness: Investment Perspective Intensified – Diane Harrison, AllAboutAlpha (Aug 2017)

Dalio’s Quest to Outlive Himself – K.Burton & S. Kishan, Bloomberg (Aug 2017)

AQR On The 10th Anniversary Of The Quant Crash – Cliff Asness, ValueWalk (Aug 2017)

AQR Goes Back 120 Years To Look At Market Trends – Mark Melin, ValueWalk (Jun 2017)

Why do asset prices move? – Eric Lonergan, philosophyofmoney (Apr 2017)

The Math explaining Active Manager Futility – Oliver Renick, Bloomberg (Apr 2017)

Populism: The Phenomenon – Bridgewater Associates (Mar 2017)

The lessons of violence and inequality through the ages – The Economist (Mar 2017)

Where companies with a long-term view outperform their peers – McKinsey (Feb 2017)

The Curse of the ETF Tourist – Janus Henderson (Feb 2017)

Why Innovators Should Study the Rise & Fall of the Venetians – Piero Formica, HBR (Jan 2017)

Sell-side share analysis is wrong – The Economist (Dec 2016)

Inside a Moneymaking Machine Like No Other – Katherine Burton, Bloomberg (Nov 2016)

Passive Investing Is Worse for Society Than Marxism – Luke Kawa, Bloomberg (Aug 2016)

Buttonwood: Living off the people – The Economist (May 2016)

Why Garbagemen Should Earn More Than Bankers –  Rutger Bregman (Apr 2016)

Dennis Rodman & the Art of Portfolio Optimization – Artemis Capital (Apr 2016)

Active vs. Passive Investing & the “Suckers at the Poker Table” Fallacy – Druce Vertes, CFA Enterprising Investor (Feb 2016)

“Price is a liar” – Corey Hoffstein, Flirting with Models (Oct 2015)

The Disintegration of the World – Chrystia Freeland (May 2015)

The Downfall of John Taylor – Leanna Orr, AiCIO (Dec 2013)

Michael Mauboussin on the Santa Fe Institute and Complex Adaptive Systems – Elliot Turner, Compounding My Interests (Nov 2013)

Too Big To Succeed – Rob Arnott, Research Affiliates (Jun 2010)

The ‘Sell-Side’ Warp: Why Some Analysts Are Reluctant To Sound Negative – Conrad De Aenlle, The New York Times (Sep 2000)


Investing in fixed income? Look beyond yield – Lorna Tan, Straits Times (Feb 2018)

Words From the Wise: An AQR Interview with Ed Thorp – AQR (Jan 2018)

An analytics approach to debiasing asset-management decisions – McKinsey (Dec 2017)

5 Lessons From Barton Biggs – Valuewalk (Dec 2017)

Lessons from a Trading Great: Ed Thorp – Macro Ops (Nov 2017)

Mark Sellers on Becoming A Great Investor – Macro Ops (Oct 2017)

Speculation in a Truth Chamber – Philosophical Economics (Aug 2017)

History, linear thinking, and addressing market noise – Mark Rzepczynski, Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views (Aug 2017)

Investors Reveal The Key To Successful Shorting – Rupert Hargreaves, ValueWalk (Aug 2017)

Risk Management the US Marine Corp Way – Mark Rzepczynski, Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views (Aug 2017)

What I Believe Most – Morgan Housel (Jul 2017)

Stanley Druckenmiller on Liquidity, Macro & Margins – Macro Ops (Jun 2017)

Artificial Intelligence for Investing – Andrew Dassori, CFA Enterprising Investor (May 2017)

Revenge of the Humans: How Discretionary Managers Can Crush Systematics – Leigh Drogen, Estimize (May 2017)

What Is Your Investing Edge? – John Huber, AAII (May 2017)

Expected Value & Bayesian Analysis in Trading – Macro Ops (Feb 2017)

Lessons from a Trading Great: Stanley Druckenmiller – Macro Ops (Dec 2016)

The 3 Pillars of Trading Performance – Macro Ops (Aug 2016)

Howard Marks: Take Investing to Next Level – Barron’s Asia (Sep 2015)

Positive Expectation, Scenario Gaming, And Moving Beyond Certainty – Mercenary Trader (Jul 2013)

3 Steps to Implement Charlie Munger’s Principle of Inversion – GrizzlyRock Capital, (Nov 2012)

Hedge Fund Analyst Checklist – Meb Faber (Jan 2011)

On the Importance of Investment Themes – Mercenary Trader, SeekingAlpha (Jan 2011)

George Soros on Market Bubbles – Mercenary Trader, SeekingAlpha (Nov 2010)

Contrarian Investing Lessons From the Poker Table – Mercenary Trader, Seeking Alpha (Nov 2010)

Caxton’s 20th Anniversary Speech – Bruce Kovner (Sep 2003)

Fashions in Forecasting – Alfred Winslow Jones


In search of a better stretch target – McKinsey (Nov 2017)

What the Best Transformational Leaders Do – Anthony & Schwartz, HBR (May 2017)

Is Consciousness Fractal? – Jordana Cepelewicz, Nautilus (May 2017)

Why you think you’re getting worse – Adam Grimes (Apr 2017)

How to use the Feynman Technique to Learn Faster – Thomas Frank, (Feb 2017)

The Eisenhower Decision Matrix – Brett & Kate McKay, (Oct 2013)

Theodore Roosevelt’s 20 Key Elements of Leadership – James Strock

How a Decision Journal Changed the Way I Make Decisions – Farnam Street

Creating a Latticework of Mental Models: An Introduction – Farnam Street

The Bushido Code: The Eight Virtues of the Samurai – Brett & Kate McKay, (Sep 2008)