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Dear Visitor,
When I was in my late-teenage years, I decided that, God willing, I would want to become a successful investor. However, I realised that schools and formal institutions do not teach investing, much less about personal finance or money management. Everything had to be learnt from scratch. Additionally as I grew older, it daunted on me that the route of professional investing is one which is characterised by a steep learning curve, requiring a high level of dedication as well as psychological and emotional discipline; and is not, in the words of Jesse Livermore: “a game for the stupid, the mentally lazy, the person of inferior emotional balance, or the get-rich-quick adventurer.”
Along the way, I also came to the conclusion that the world is much more complex than what our elders, parents and teachers has taught us to believe, and thus I embarked on my own form of education – “self-education” as what some may deem or call it. I delved into the chronicles of the past to study the lessons that history can teach us, sought good advice by talking to experienced and successful people, and read profusely and widely across diverse fields and disciplines.
Bettering myself will be a lifelong endeavour, and throughout my journey thus far, I have distilled what I learnt into bite size lessons and placed them here for everyone’s else. I strongly believe that good knowledge should be shared, and if more around us do the same and approach learning with an inquisitive attitude, I am confident that this world will be a much more beautiful place!
Over at this site, you will find my perspective on the global financial markets, investment ideas (from a global macro perspective), thoughts on trends and developments in the corporate world and the socio-political environment, as well as reviews on various kinds of books and material that I have read.
I truly hope that you will find this site useful!
Yours Sincerely,
Kean Chan