Insights from Sir Richard Branson’s ‘Business Stripped Bare’

business stripped bare

Everybody’s favourite billionaire gives advice on entrepreneurship in his book ‘Business Stripped Bare.’

In this third book, flamboyant Sir Richard Branson discusses everything from various business models (i.e. Chaebol/Keiretsu) to Branding and Customer satisfaction.

He breaks the book down into several chapters, with the title of each chapter an element that every entrepreneurs must try to inculcate:

  • Be Bold
  • Find Good People – and set them free!
  • Fly the flag of a Brand
  • Deliver Well
  • Learn from mistakes and setbacks – and move on
  • Innovate (power drive for business)
  • Inculcate an Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Have Social Responsibility!
Like his two earlier bestsellers – Losing My Virginity and Screw It, Let’s Do It, Branson encapsulates certain insights from his experiences throughout his whole life in business. Virgin Group is essentially a unique brand that unites a group of many companies backed by the group. He jokingly wrote that this is something that the reader will not learn from a standard business school!
He included his reflections and afterthoughts on his starting of Virgin Records, and even reflected on Virgin Cola’s war with Coca Cola. This heartwarming, easy-to-read book is a page turner for the aspiring entrepreneur or venture capitalist.
Some gems from the book:

“If you are a late entrant to a market, you need to be radically different to win over customers”

“The secret to success in any new sector is watchfulness, usually over a period of many years”

“Let people know exactly what they are paying for – and reward those who stay with us”

Catch his book to get more insights from the founder of the Virgin Group!

Rating: 3.5/5

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